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  • Has your partner been offered a job opportunity from far and he is not taking any chance on refusing the offer?
  • Is there any family commitments that are requiring your partner to move home for a while which may take so long and you are not okay with it?
  • Are you scared of the fact that you are not going to see each other, and it will naturally weaken the image of your partner in your brain, with time?
  • Are you scared of the fact that as your partner will be living away from you, and as a result he/she will look for other people to share his/her thoughts with; for a simple reason that he/she is a human beings who needs expression of his/her thoughts. And the one that he /she will share his/her thoughts with, naturally will occupy a space in his/her minds?
  • Exposure to other women or men an d for the fact that they might have tried to stay faithful for a long time, that causes big chances of cheating which may lead to the break up of your relationship.


Regardless of the reason long distance relationships are hard to maintain. Statistics has shown that more than 70% of distanced couples broke up within 3 years.

And if any point above has anything to do with your situation, then know that you need my Stop Long Distance spells.

The Stop Long distance spell will be the only solution to all your partner travelling fears. This spell will affect your partner according to your wish and it is designed specifically for situations of one partner intending to travel to a far distance leaving another behind.

The Stop Long Distance Spell will either get your partner to travel with you or if you feel it is not necessary at all for you partner to travel, then it will stop him from accepting the offer or whatever might be the case of his travel.

The sooner you do this spell prior to the traveling date, the more effective it will be. In the case your partner has already traveled, or you do not have the powers to stop him/her from traveling, you need to use my Distance love spell .

This spell has helped a number of people on issues more than work travel but also holiday travelling, vesting, partying and many more travelling functions

So don’t wait until your partner:

  • Starts to forget the promises and vows that he or she made to you because of distance.
  • Starts not to reply your messages or phone calls anymore. As a result of excuses he/she gives by claiming that she/he is busy with her work.


Most of all don’t wait for your relationship to fade in the distance do something now.





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