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This is for those who think that love is for just playing around with. They think they can come and go at any time they please. Dr Jumba says No So do you?

Your partner will be back within 4 days with all the love you had together before and will be binded to love you alone forever. it doesn't matter when he/she left you. just order our charm now.

What Dr Jumba Says


One of the things from which humans derive their greatest joy from, is finding a person in which they have a deep friendship with. The joy comes from the great and memorable times shared with this people, the good times and the fun moments shared with these persons.

Regrettably however, we have trouble setting in and these moments are never actually last the span that the two parties intended. Soon what was initially was a blissful and ecstatic life is reduced to a boring union filled with hate, resentment, suspicion and regret.

The good news is that Dr Jumba’s Lost Love Spell provides you with sure options that see you retrieve your

lost love life. Dr Jumba’s Lost Love Spell, provides you with a magic spell that will work to bring back to you your love which is probably somewhere else. Dr Jumba’s Lost love spell also guarantees you smooth love life after the restoration and a lasting solution to all your love problems.

All you have to do is to play your part right and we will ask our powerful spirits to put in the best of their expertise and experience to ensure that the future of your relationship is guaranteed. The casting of the spell will immediately bring along with it great gains such as resolution, optimism and an awesome durable relationship.

So if you are emotionally attached to a person and want to make it real by being hooked up physically, then this is just a matter of time for us. Make an appointment with Dr Jumba for your Lost Love Spell today and see an end to all your love dilemmas. Hurry hurry, no disappointments!

NB: Remember when your ordering for our love spell muthi, you must only order it for some one that you really love not for any other sake whatsoever as this Spell reverse process is 80% difficult some times impossible.




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# Sebina Siza 2012-02-05 09:08
Hello Dr Jumba Indeed i have come to prove that you are the Most powerful Spell caster in Africa. I can’t say much of what your black magic spells did for me.

But I suggest you provide as a reversal services if ever thing get way beyond our expectation.

The spell I did for enjoying as many girlfriends as I want caught my mother in law by accident. Now she is all over me I don’t want to make love with her and I have tried to run away but she won’t back off. Please help me doctor please am begging. i will come back to South Africa next month will I be able to meet you in Durban?
# Dr Jumba 2012-03-19 14:24
I ask this question cleary to all my clients before casting. If i am not mistaken, i asked and warned you that the spells must not be taken lightly as reversals are sometimes impossible. for any one in this kind of situation, contact me Cantact dr Jumba
+2 # Lisa Robinson 2013-01-26 01:07
How do I get in touch with Dr. Jumba im afraid i am using the wrong link or something. Please respond as I am in desperate need of my lost love to come back to me. How long will it take? Do you need anything from me?
# Ashiq 2014-01-24 16:30
Can I send me phone number of dr jumba.
# Maccy joe 2012-02-25 06:23
Dr Jumba i have hard much about your love spells in durban do you have an office in cape town?

i am from cape town thats why am asking sir
# Dr Jumba 2012-02-25 06:32
Quoting Maccy joe:
Dr Jumba i have had much about your love spells in durban do you have an office in cape town?

i am from cape town thats why am asking sir

Hello maccy I am in the preparation of having a branch in Capetown. I have a lot of these requests and it has come to my attention. We shall let all of you know when we finalize all the plans for Cape Town
# Louisa Wetrade 2012-03-11 04:24
Me and my boyfriend broke up and i want us to get back together and not sure if he feels same about it
-2 # Dr Jumba 2012-03-19 14:16
Its never good news to loose a lover and when they loose or drop you, they dont care about what you think in most cases all they pray is that you keep away from them. So when it comes to spell its actuary what you as a person wants not the ones that are droping you. Contact me i will be of help my child. Contact Dr Jumba
-1 # Mawuya Heinz 2012-03-19 14:07
Hallo Dr Jumba I am from Sandton Johhanesburg. Ihave read many testimonials about your services and it seems many people are Happy with your service. Where can i see you from Johannesburg or any were around Sandton. please let me know Doctor

# Dr Jumba 2012-03-19 14:20
Hello my Child Thank you for recorganising and reading my happy clients testimonials. I understand you stay in Sandton and you want to know where you can meet me in your area. Yes you can my child i have a special place in Sandton Johannesburg where i help my clients from but its strictly appointment. my main shrine is in Durban and Ladysmith
# chanel 2013-12-05 20:10
Please call i have a question to ask sir
-2 # Nitin 2012-04-06 16:48
Hi sir I m from India and I gave break up with my girlfriend two month ago but she did not telling me why she break up with me she say u r so nice person but I want something different and now she not talking with me but I want her back in my life I want to merry her please help me doctor please
-2 # chetan 2012-04-08 08:14
give LOST LOVE SPELL for me i nbeed her her back can star without her please help me out...............
-2 # rahul mahapatra 2012-04-15 11:47
I am from mumbai india, my girl dumped me and my family and she dint even care to tell the reason,we want her to be a part of our famil, i love her a lot and want to marry her please doctor guide me..
-1 # queenie 2012-04-29 14:48
Hello dr jumba me and my boyfriend broke up recently and I want him to come back to me but he does not want to give me another chance and I am scared that he might have someone else in mind already..I am from cape town can u please help me
-3 # memory madiba 2012-10-24 14:07
Hi Sir

My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago. I miss him terribly. please help me to het him back.Im in Durban..
# modisane 2012-12-19 23:25
Hello dr jumba iam from potchefsroom and I have just brokeup with my girlfriend threedays ago and it the first time we always brokeup but not for so long its only one to two day and I want to live in peace with her for the rest of my life and I want her to come her self to my place please I want it to quikfast and I want job and just make me to marry her after getting job
-3 # modisane 2012-12-20 00:12
My girlfriend doesn't if she loves me or not
# travis 2013-12-27 04:58
I have been divorced for 3 months now and really want my wife back. I truly love her with all my heart. Can you help?
-2 # travis 2013-12-27 04:59
I want my wife back. Can you help?
# Daisy Burroughs 2014-01-04 16:33
My husband. Larry. To come. Back. Home
# lola 2014-01-20 17:31
hi sir,
dear dr jumba
i'm from egypt AND I LOVED MY DOCTOR SO MUCH and madly even i cant stop thinking of him but i'm sure he dosent love me he may be in love with another woman now he travelled abroad for a new job in sudeia arabia i dont know when ha'll be back he also dose'nt know i love him
plz note that i'm married to another man and i dont want destroy my life
so can u help me making my doctor loves me madly with out affecting my marriage
now i'm in egypt & he's in seudeia arabia (both of us is in different country he has my phone number but we dont call each oyher plz answer me wiyhh all we can do and the excepected results and the time we need and if the results last fo ever or not
sorry i forgot to tell u that he may be married to other woman
and i dont know his birth date
maney thanks
and best regards
# Nicole 2014-01-22 07:56
Please i need assistance my boyfriend left me and because i'm so inlove with him i want him back,please help me Dr
# Ashiq 2014-01-22 17:30
Hi mr jumba,
I m staying capetown ,I was marry with her last years of march.we was good together , we never fight ,yaa some time we have litol argument between us.then she want to Zimbabwe October month she sapos to come back in november month.but she never cOme back .and she never tOlk with me and never call me.but I want her back.coz I love her.Please can you have a solution for me.
# kayundra 2014-11-30 01:33
Me an my child father is broken up I know I mess up but what do I need to do to get my family back please help
# kayundra 2014-11-30 01:57
Please he'll me & my child father get back together I miss& love him so much
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# Olivia 2018-04-05 19:56
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# Melissa Deditch 2018-04-06 14:05
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# katejames 2018-04-29 03:53
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# Olivia 2018-05-31 02:31
Urgent Love Spell To Fix Your Broken Relationship & Get Your Ex Lover Back" I was heart broken when my boyfriend of three years left to be with another girl.Thank you Dr Unity for saving my broken Relationship and brought my boyfriend back to me!”.
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# John Cooney 2018-08-18 20:18
My name is John Cooney I am here to appreciate Dr jumba for bringing back my wife. I thought I had completely lost her, but dr jumba proved me wrong with his lost love spells. She came back and now we see each other every day than you man I really appreciate your work dr jumba.
# Lobert Watson 2018-08-20 09:38
Hi views did you know there is a spell to win love back from an ex. I have used it and it did work perfectly for me.
# kose 2018-08-21 10:18
I want to testify to the general public how my relationship was restored back by the great power's of DR Jumba after 2year of loneliness, my ex-wife called me after dr Jumba worked on my case, she came back in my arms thank you dr Jumba For your work
# Rebecca Ortiz 2018-08-26 10:42
My name is Rebecca Ortiz from Thailand I want to testify to the general public how my relationship was restored back by the great power's of Dr Jumba after three months of loneliness, my ex-lover called asking me to take him back, I did take him back and now we are happy over again. I send my gratitude to Dr Jumba who did all he could to make me happy again.
# sarah 2018-08-31 14:03
I am very happy today with my family. My name is Sarah living in Thailand, My husband left me for 3 good years, I never stopped loving him, I have been looking for a way to get him back since then. I have tried many options but it all did not work, until when I spoke to a friend that gave me Dr jumba, a spell caster, who helped me to bring back my husband after 2 weeks. I and my husband are living happily together today, Dr jumba you're great, thank you for your work.
# Lauren 2018-09-04 09:48
Hello my name is Lauren I’m from Singapore i want to testify about this great and powerful spell caster. This is my story I short .my husband left me and with2 kids. For 3 months every time I called him he didn't pick up my calls, he completely ignored me. When he came back home he told me he wanted a divorce.

I was so sad, cried all night my heart was completely broken. I was so lonely and desperate the next day. i went to searching online for anything I can do to save my marriage. I found a spell caster called dr jumba .I contacted him with my problems he told me it will take 10-11 days for me to get my man back. I did everything he told me to do. After we did the spells I started counting days, but each day felt like a week.

Then on the day I can’t recall my husband came back kneeling and begging he canceled the divorce we are now happy together. If you are in any marriage crisis, dr jumba can help you too
# jenefer luis 2018-09-04 19:43
I want to let the world know about Doctor Jumba the Great spell caster that brought back my husband to me when I thought all hope was lost. Doctor jumba used his powerful spell to put a smile on my face by bringing back my man with his spells. At first, I thought I was dreaming when my husband came back to me on his knees begging me to forgive him and accept him back. Well even since then he loves me more than I ever expected. Thank you dr jumba I want the all world to know about you
# Sydney Marissa 2018-09-05 13:10
I’m giving a testimony about DR JUMBA. He is great and good at what he is doing. Mostly when it comes to love, relationships and marriage, he is good. I always contact him. When I need help in different love departments. If you’re looking for serious and effective help, Dr jumba is the help you need. Get in touch with him, I guarantee that he will help you
# LINDA ESCOBER 2018-09-15 00:46
I have always promised to recommend you to people out there who might also need your help because finding your website was a Godsend. Even better, Dr Jumba, you're the most considerate and compassionate man I have known. I was so down after being unloved and broken-hearted for almost 2 years. I requested a reuniting love spell to get the love of my life back and amazingly, it worked. I am happily living with my lover now and I think thanking you only would not be enough, considering what you have done for me. Let me see what I can do for you Dr jumba.
# KIMBERLY JOSE 2018-09-16 07:11
I am so happy that my love is back again. Once again thank you Dr Jumba you are truly talented and gifted. He is the only answer to your problems. Dr Jumba can be of great help to you and I will not stop publishing his name for the good work he did for me I now see why people are still talking about him on the Internet.
+1 # marrie 2018-09-23 14:12
Oh lord, I thank you this day for your restoration upon my marriage after a long while of confusion. Also, thank you or bringing me Dr jumba who has been on my side for 3 years. Dr jumba I don’t know the right words to say to thank you for all your support and time. Thank you for saving my marriage and wiping away my tires. You brought happens in my life again Thank you so much
+1 # dr Jumba 2018-10-18 18:02
I am Dr Jumba, I welcome you all to my world of spiritual temple of solution. I want to assure you that what so ever difficult situation you are facing now, Contact me for help will come to pass with the powers of my ancestors
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+1 # JULIANA 2018-10-21 16:59
I am here to share out my testimony on how I got back my husband. I am a lady with 2 kids and am from Singapore, my husband left me and the kids for about 9months. I did go through a lot of pain, did all I could to make him returned to me and to his kids but nothing works out. It was really a stressful period to me because I could dint go true the heartbreak. Desperate as I was, I started thing of spells and powers to help me get my man back. I contacted dr jumba who was able to help me out. We did cast spells together to get my herry back. It worked out, I got him back and now we are together as happy as before. Thank you dr jumba I really appreciate what you have done for me
+1 # Joni Mecca 2018-12-06 06:28
2months in pain before an old friend of mine introduced me to a spell caster online called Dr Jumba, this was after I have been scammed by various fake spell casters. I was introduced to Dr Jumba, a true Spell Caster. In less than 8 days of working on my case, my lover came back to me and my life got back just like a completed puzzle. After 2 months later we got married and it was just like a dream to me because I thought I had lost him forever. Thank you Mr Jumba for helping me but most of all, Your Honesty and do as you promise
+1 # Kasha 2019-01-22 13:19
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