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You need:

Two candles, one for you, one for the girlfriend.

Write your names on two pieces of paper which stand underneath the candle holder. On a third piece of paper, write both your names and draw a circle around them. Place the candles about a foot apart on their respective pieces of paper, with the third piece of paper exactly in the center.

Light your candle first and say:
Burn bright, burn true,
heart of (your name)

Then light the other and say:
Burn bright, burn true,
heart of (girlfriend's name)

If you have a wand, trace a figure of eight around the two candles, making sure to cross over exactly each time over the third piece of paper. If you don't, use the original inbuilt human wand - your index finger.

Say with each pass slowly:
A meeting of two hearts
if it is ordained
must come to pass.

Stop, take a deep breath in and out, and start on the second set. Three passes again, full figure eight around the candles.
Let no-one and nothing
stand in the way
of the meeting of two hearts.

Stop, take a deep breath and start the 3rd set of 3 passes.

Two hearts beat as one
it is my will
and it is done.

Now sit down and focus on the paper with the circle and both your names which is the power focus of this ritual. See yourself and the girlfriend  together, being honest and true together, talking, making love, making decisions. Just you and her, keep that completely clear and powerful in your mind. When you are ready, move both candles together and tip them so their flames combine.

Take the circle paper and say:
My will is transferred
my spell has been heard
As I will, so mote it be.

Burn the circle paper in the single flame. Blow out the single flame as one. Wrap the candles and the name papers in tissue and dispose of them.

Sending you success,

If you fail to get it right, Please talk to Dr Jumba.




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